personal & professional development for those working with young people and communities
personal & professional development for thoseworking with young people and communities

We are excited to be leading on the Blackpool City of Learning project and looking forward to working with local organisations to populate the platform: “Blackpool City of Learning”.

What is a City of Learning?

It is an online geographical area that promotes and showcases learning opportunities for young people.

What is the City of Learning platform?

It is an online space where learning providers can promote and publish their learning activities and opportunities. It is also a one-stop space for young people to access those learning opportunities.

What are Open Digital Badges?

They are digital rewards and recognition for young people of their participation and achievement.

How are Cities of Learning and Open Digital Badges connected?

The Blackpool City of Learning platform works as a recognition tool which produces digital badges that can be awarded to learners to mark their achievements.When signing up for any activity on City of Learning andupon completing it, the learner will receive one or more digital badges. The badges certify their participation and accredit newly acquired competences, which they can then show to their peers, add to their CV and use to map-out their skills.


The online platform is provided by our international partners and We have worked with them many times before and they have extensive knowledge and experience in supporting and developing Cities and Regions of Learning across the World. If you want to know more about:

Cities and Regions of Learning we recommend following this link to the introduction page of their website: Cities of Learning 

Open Digital Badges: BadgeCraft

Cities of Learning, is a truly international and growing family and we are happy that Blackpool will be joining. If you are interested in joining us for this online adventure, please do get in touch.


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